Stalagmites stalactites
Tactile memories burned off cut out frozen in time with the music-

Barnacles growing on pylon
Piled on thoughts
Of survival
Of living
A captured moment between space and time

Looking out over another sunrise
Rapt in the flocculent
Purple haze of the Orange Blossom’s
Trail of tears

The fires of Helios challenged to burn off the fog
Of another brumal night of

That tan man over there
In the shadows of the stay-weekly motel
Breathing in breathing out
Deep belly breaths
A swami
Arms raised to a sky in midwinter mourning

Whispering prayers
Whispering whispering hushed breaths
Whispering for a youthful hopefulness
Long since crushed and squeezed into the juice of a daily-breader

Now lit in orange and green
Across a hallway in O-Town’s
Last chance for

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, Winter in Florida, 2018

Pray for Florida

Pray for Florida,
Yeah, pray:
Pray for your neighbor as you check in on them,
Pray for your family as you huddle together in your shelter place,
Pray for a stranger as you make them a friend,
Pray for another driver as you yield the right of way,
Pray for another last minute shopper as you split the last one on the shelf,
Pray for each other as you weather this storm together
And deal with the devastation of its path,
The aftermath
Of Matthew
Pray for Florida
Yeah, pray.

Handcrafted poetry by John Hines, October 6, 2016