It’s a random sunny Tuesday afternoon after school and
I’m back on the ground on our first day in Seattle skipping across sidewalk cracks in the rain bouncing like a pair of lips across your cheeks in the morning

We’re landing with foot splashes in puddles and just missing others experiencing a combination of cold and wet we haven’t felt before

We’re a fresh dose of happy rolled into clouds of grey like M&M’s in fresh cookie dough
As we just catch our ferry across the Puget and we’re on our way:
Allons-y, let’s go!

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, February, 2018


Grey Inside (the Rijks)

Floating, sitting, waiting,
Parceling thought
Adrift in van Ruisdael’s cloudy landscapes
Soul, mind, spirit, imagination, heart
Stuff of madness ill explained:

Simultaneously awash in Van Gogh’s fragile Sadness
Sea of yellow pulling at cardiomyopathic tendril’s tales

Of yesterday
An escape
To a view of Haarlem

From the Northwest
With American senses
Eyes away

Hallucinatory driven glances
Clouds moving
Across azure, no, grey skies of blue

Challenged to craft into words what the Artist
Created that lives on
To create in the viewer
Centuries later
Across space and time

Like the clouds sweeping the Dutch
Azure sky of blue, no grey
On a day without rain.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines written in the Rijk’s Museum’s Gallery of Honour,  Amsterdam, March, 2017IMG_1241


Colin’s Visit

Grey kitten resting, breathing, purring,

Grey paint on walls

Embracing mournful souls

With offerings of sweet solace,

Rainfall falling almost endlessly

Emptying the boundless night sky of moisture.


Sound of raindrops’ rooftop landing

After being wind thrown through

Her ancient oaks,

Gutters sagging, overwhelmed and overflowing,

Sleepy human souls slowly drifting off in dreams.


Moments later:

Sun now rising,

Offering its golden prescient glow,

Just as fire’s warm embers waning,

Grey days for them, Alas,

No more…?…

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, 6/7/2016

I wrote this poem on my iPhone on Tuesday evening this week while we sat in our living room as TS Colin made its force felt.  Thank you for reading  :).