As big as the wind his thoughts were
And then on trade winds of ecstasy
On a jumbo jetliner to Amsterdam
On a high speed train to Lille
To Bruges To Brussels
To Cologne to Luxembourg
Canals, cathedrals cafes and windmills sweeping…
Awash afloat in the bloody brown baptism of the Seine of the Rhine of the Rhone

Filling feeling felt
His smoky dreams
Of incense, of Gothic ghosts
Of Van Gogh’s shadow,
The footsteps of Ginsberg and Céline
In scents he was
Ready to get lost in the smells of the streets
The sights and sounds of these cities
The slight whisks of the people moving
In all directions

These cities, these streets
Beckoning his soul
As the words flowed to paper
And his passport pressed against his chest
In his left breast pocket
Where his heart was.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, February, 2017

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