Superterrestrial Spring

O’ God
Forgive me for crushing Spring’s
Beauty beneath my feet
For failing to notice Her stem
Her stamen Her pistil
Her feather dusted pollen
Her petals Her womb

So lost was I on a path to Somewhere
That Isle of Nowhere
Beneath the steady star studded sky
On an early morning of special elliptical eclipses, snow moons and comets

I was so superterrestrial
With boots locked in clay
Immovable feet of marble of masonry of granite
Ankle bracelets of steel
My eyes lost to possibilities

My weighty eye gates closing
And me
Sinkingsurrenderingly back
Into my sweat soiled sheets to dream
Of nothingness
O’ God forgive me

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, February, 2017

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