Solstice on the Avenue

Walking down Park Avenue on the
Second day of winter
Florida Summer’s humidity
For a moment succumbing to the Songs of Winter Solstice
Answering the verdant grass’s breezy invitation
To pause, to sit
To hear the sounds around me

Sounds of city fountains flowing
And children’s voices playing
Filled with the anticipation of Advent’s End
Train’s whistle signaling a departure
Bells signaling a new arrival
Of an almost lost mode of moving humans Low roar of diesel pushing out the sounds around me
As a yellow Labrador on a stroll his collar softly shakes

Walking on I hear the conversations around al fresco meals
Wine glasses clinking toasts of health and happiness
Knives and forks on plates making the musical happy sounds of friendships gathered
“Care for a sample taste to go, Sir?”
As lively carols play on the sidewalk through a speaker system
Accompanied by a man on a flute

And then the evening Solstice sun begins to cast
Her shadows across the spacious city green
The red bricks by Indians once laid releasing the absorbed whispers of the day
With little effect on the sounds around me
Closing out another shortest day
And reminding me how good it is to pause
To push refresh on all
The sounds around me.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, December 24, 2016
Merry Christmas ya’ll and to all a good night!

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