A Chance Meeting on 6th & Broad

Like the trunk of an old oak
Felled for lumber his knees
His tongue held captive
Enslaved muscles of utterance unable to move to utter the words
So desperately
His arms hung idly
Paralyzed at his sides
His loins unfeeling
Barren like the womb of Abram’s sweet

[Yet, in one felt moment all this
Giving way to

A wave,
A glorious heart sweeping wave of newness
Fresher than the dew of early morning
Lighter than the new moon’s cotton candy luminescence
In the starless night (of early morning)
Weightless as the scent of jasmine wafting the predawn air
As quiet as the whispers of winter entering Fall on the shoulders of summer
Soft as the downy coat of lamb’s wool against an infant’s cheek
Greener than the Rocky Mountain aspens against the tobacco-yellow landscape
And a truer blue than the sky was that day they met
on the corner of
Sixth and Broad
And walked hand in hand to Central.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, December, 2016 with thoughts caught across the continent between Denver and New York City.



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