Of Concrete and Memories

The silence of serenity

Found in a few moments after work

On the round, old concrete table

Cracked down its mid-section

Covered in the stains of mildew

Evidence of generations of Florida summers

Wobbly, so wonky on its single pedestal

Like a drunken dancer dancing

Solo too late, too long on cracked and yellowed beams of oaken floor

So simple in her engineering and componentry:

Water, aggregate, and Portland cement

Binding, bound, boundless in time’s memory

Inset tiles of faded corn-maize yellow

Brooding black coal, Sky bruised blue,

Verdant green of Spring, Claret red of Rose


faded now


far off memories]

This little concrete table

So perfect in all its imperfections

This mythic altar of expression

Once again

Welcoming the silence of serenity.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, December, 2016. Started in the beginnings of fall, finished in the whispers of winter.

And the table you are writing on shall be your subject.

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