Short September Psalms

The lips of the pool
Are struggling to swallow
The final rains of Queen Hermine

Fake fire in fake fireplace
No match
For the immeasurable warmth between them

The remaining sepia tint of the sun
Swallowed up by the violet sea
Souls sinking with it into the sand

Crimson wine stained lips
Set to kiss
With open mouths sustaining

Release of passion
Open flower
Butterfly fluttering

Song birds a-twittering
Cats on the prowl
Breakfast awaits

Hot wax melting
Incense burning
Away the memories

Terrazzo floor weeping
Beneath the poet’s feet
Gap year wanting to his soul bequeath

Chocolate walls wrapped their wainscoting
Around the poet’s imagination
Filling his senses with sweet

His writing desk
An old card table
His nana crafted on

Taste of young love
First real kiss
Impossible to resist

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, September, 2016

I’ve been reading a lot of the Beats lately, especially Ginsberg and Kerouac. These represent my first attempts at Kerouac-inspired Western haikus. Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed! 🌞

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