Endless Summer

The smell of the vomitous, urine soaked alley mixed

With the hubris rising from the rain soaked asphalt which

Had spent all day cooking up its roadkill,


As the rising steam of the streets began to find its earthly pleasure

In punishing me with its deisely outbursts and honking

Horns of anger,


Taking me back to the vomitorium I left some time ago-

A dust mite filled, semen stained couch-

A memorial to a night of lustful drunken excess,

Hailing Bacchus like a cab on East 42nd street,


Which brought no relief from the humid heat

Filling my heart that morning

And squeezing my lungs of their remaining life sustaining breaths,

Feelings of bloodless guilt and calls to confession,


Almost falling to my knees in the intersection of a

Well marked crosswalk, yellow flashing lights warning

Cars to slow down lest they take a life,


Knees seeking to scrape their flagellation

Across the white lines of demarcation

Separating pedestrian from automobile,

Hoping to ease the guilty pain of pleasure,


A dead blue jay squashed into the pavement and

Rolled over many times by passing vehicles,

May he rest in peace,


Dead fish pushed up on the lakeshore

Baking in the sun,

Wafts of pescatarian displeasure finding their way to my olfactory bulb,

An egret calling out Caroo, Caroo

To a snake bird drying its wings on a lumbering cattail,


The sun now seeking to tattoo my bare shoulders in crimson ink

To mark me for danger shouting out to empty ears:

“Beware the soul that walketh these paths and don’t follow him…”,

Just another bad example of what a man should be.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, July, 2016


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