A Sunday Prayer

(To KW & JL)

Smooth waves of applause from an audience pleased
Roll down Pennsylvania Street
As Night begins slowly closing the shutters on this day
Sweet live Sunday jazz sounds play from a verandah,
Chase away the Sunday blues,
Little bed and breakfast,
Denver city neighborhoods-
Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Colfax Ave, Broadway, Downing, Seventh, & Franklin Street.

My own soul’s demons, for a moment, quite appeased,
Chimera resting quietly for a Sunday afternoon,
Trumpet, bass, drums and saxophone melt into the senses with their harmonies
Methodically molding their rapturous rhapsodies
Around untangling souls,
Sweet, soulful Sunday sabbath sounds.

Leaves on trees in concert dance happily As the sun’s closing rays of light weave themselves
Around and through church spires,
I surrender my soul to thee-
A prayer for daily kindness
I whisper to the breeze
Help me practice such to all to whom my path doth wander in the coming week,
Release release release

Sweet, soulful Sunday sabbath sounds
Hydrophilic courtyard fountain sounds
Wash over spirits in a solemn baptismal rinse,
A mirage of
Tiny drops of rain for a moment filling the surprised air,
A Sunday offering of forgiveness whispered in silence,
Forgive myself and others
And allow me for just a moment more, to
Just be,
Listen as Night wraps her arms around
Sweet, soulful Sunday Sabbath sounds.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, July, 2016

I wrote this on a recent visit to Denver, CO.  Thank you for reading. 😀


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