Faithful Proof

Faithful to the writing

Faithful to the purpose

Of being

Proof of faithfulness


Higher ground

Found higher ground

A higher place in Iowa City

Didn’t find Flannery O’Connor

Discovered Frank O’Hara

Such a hearty lunch

Digging deep, falling into Baudelaire

Northwest winds blowing

Refreshing dryer air

Tripping over chasers of the Pokémon-

Oooh I found a gym!

Across Prairie City Lights

And the Old Capitol Building rotunda

Reversing the spiral staircase

A budding metaphor for the spiraling

Writer’s life

Faithful to THE END


I’ll be back to wander

The Street Dubuque again.

Handcrafted poetry by John M. Hines, July 2016

I wrote this on my iPhone in of all places, my local gym, between sets of high intensity interval training.  The breathlessness of such training and the caffeinated endorphin rush often spark creativity.  I was reflecting on the weekend previous in a meteoric rise of good feeling and gratitude.  The previous weekend having been spent in Iowa City at a University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival, “Drift and Dream: The Writer as Urban Walker” with Kathleen Rooney.  I shall continue to drift, dream, walk and write.  Thank you for reading and sharing with others. Peace!

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